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We Make Musicians™

Sensational music instruction for all ages

Thank you for choosing ABC Music School! We look forward to helping you achieve your musical aspirations - whatever they may be. Our family-owned and operated school offers instructors of only the highest caliber and integrity.

See the progress that is being made

Each student will be given a progress report once a year. Our instructors will keep you informed weekly as to what has been accomplished during the lesson and what preparation is needed for the following week.

We'll work with local teachers in schools to help with their music needs.

Your support goes a long way

Parental involvement and support for younger students and home is imperative to the student's growth and confidence. For those waiting, we provide two clean, comfortable waiting areas both in the front and rear. Wi-Fi is provided if you would like to bring a wireless device while you wait. We also have children's books, family-friendly magazines and local periodicals.

Fantastic learning environments

ABC Music School has five clean, comfortable studios with the capability to interface with an iPod or other digital device. We also encourage recording each lesson so that you may review them properly during the week.

Each student will be in the same studio every week with the same instructor, unless there is an unforeseen situation. Please be ready to enter the studio promptly at your scheduled time. We will let you know which studio you will be in at the time of enrollment. It is also imperative to have a spiral-bound notebook and purchase a music staff paper book when your instructor suggests them. These will be invaluable as you navigate your musical path.


Please contact us if you have any questions, or you need to reschedule. To avoid scheduling conflicts, please do not contact your instructor directly.

Contact us to see how our dedicated teachers can help improve your musicality


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